why does my toilet bowl fill up

Why Does My Toilet Bowl Fill Up And Not Drain  When I Flush?

Overflowing Toilet Bowl

Toilet Cleared With Suction Pump

There are quite a few reasons your toilet could be blocking, and we have the experience to figure them all out. If you attempted to unblock a toilet that won't drain, have had no success, the experts at King plumbing are ready to help you rectify your plumbing issue.
If you are currently experiencing any emergency plumbing blocked toilet issues, here are five possible scenarios that are occurring.

A blocked toilet is a real hassle. And plunging is mostly a temporary fix; it is important to uncover what is the cause of a blockage. Here are four common problems that will make a toilet continuously block:

1. Old toilet – If your toilet cistern is old, it is possible that the toilet is slow in refilling and cannot provide enough water to flush solid waste through the plumbing system. By upgrading an old toilet, you can improve its capabilities and be sure that enough water is moving solid waste along the pipes and out into the council mains. Newer toilets have modern inlet valves that allow the cistern to fill up quickly and provide enough water to clear the toilet bowl completely.

2. Drain line blockages – It is also on most occasions highly likely you could have a block sewer pipe beyond the toilet. These blockages are by objects that shouldn't be flushed. If something such as a toothbrush or plastic toy accidentally fell into the toilet and was flushed, it could slowly be gathering debris, ultimately backing up the pipe and producing a blockage.

3. Sewage line infiltrations – A major drain problem in your yard could be the reason why your toilet keeps blocking. Cracked pipes and tree roots growing into the sewer line are common causes of sewer line issues. There isn't much that can be done to prevent this type of damage. However, regular sewer line cleaning and camera inspections can help prevent small issues from becoming big, expensive problems.

4. Plumbing ventilation issues – if the vent on your drainage system is blocked or damaged, the drain becomes slow when draining. The vent allows air to escape from the plumbing system when waste and water enters the pipes allowing the pipes to maintain proper pressure. If your plumbing vent has been damaged or blocked by foreign matter, the toilet will back up because the air inside the drains has nowhere to escape.

King Plumbing Is ready To Help!

If you have tried to unclog your toilet and nothing seems to be working, it's time to call for backup! King plumbing is prepared to help with your preventive and blocked drain plumbing needs, emergency repairs and maintenance services. Call 0413-586-724 or request a job estimate online today.

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