Who is Responsible for a Blocked Drain:

Who is responsible for a blocked sewer drain?

A blocked sewer line can quickly become an emergency when your homes indoor plumbing begins to overflow and get messy, so the quicker the drain cleaning begins, the better.The responsibility and costs for the unblocking of the drain may not be your responsibility because it falls into two categories:the property owner responsibility or the local council or wastewater authority responsibility.

Property owner:

The owner of the property is responsible from the boundary sewer connection point to all drains, pipes in, under, and around your home.

Council Wastewater Authority:

The local council or wastewater authority is responsible for sewer drains leading away from the property. They are responsible for maintaining these drains if a problem arises. 

How to find the blockage:

Blocked drain plumberDetermining the location of the blockage is required before the council or wastewater authority will come to your home and have a look. Each properties drainage system should have an inspection opening installed at the point where the home's drain connects to the council or wastewater authority drainage system, usually located on the boundary at the lowest end of a block of land. If you can show that this inspection opening is blocked, then the wastewater authority will take responsibility for the blocked drain. Using this information, a blocked drain specialist can provide information on who is responsible as well as recommend the next step on repairs.

How to report a blocked mains sewer drain:

Residents can report a suspected blockage outside your property in the mains sewer drain throughout Tasmania in the following ways:


or by phone, 13 6992 – Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Drain Repair To Damaged Drain

Telstra Line Through Drain

Blocked sewer help:

King Plumbing specialist drain cleaning plumbers for drain clearing services in your area on 0413-586-724

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