What are Some Simple Ways to Fix a Blocked Drain?

Blocked drains are a major hassle for homeowners and can lead to major problems. Fixing a blocked drain is a usually a simple process in the world of plumbing  with a number of options available for homeowners to try themselves. If you give the  approaches detailed below ago and still have problems, the plumbers at King Plumbing Hobart can help you fix a blocked drain.

Manual efforts

One of the first steps to take with a blocked drain is to attempt to remove the blockage with your gloved hands, if possible. Shower drains can gather hair and soap scum near the top of the drain. To check for a blockage in such a position, use a flashlight to illuminate the area under the grate. If you see a potential blockage, avoiding any dangerous edges, manually pull out the blockage. This form of drain cleaning can also be accomplished with a pair of  BBQ tongs or other tool to extend your reach. A different manual method is using a household plunger from Bunnings Hardware to try to remove the blockage, note plungers work better when they are in water. There are also Handyman plumbing snakes and augers available at Bunnings Hardware, which can go deep into the drain.  If your drain stays blocked despite your best efforts, a visit from the King Plumbing Hobart can help. Contact us at 0413-586-724