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Hydro Jetter Vs Electric Eel  Drain Cleaning 

Hydro Jetter Vs an Electric Eel; A Drain Cleaning Comparison.

Hydro jetters are one of the leading drain cleaning equipment used by plumbers when a blocked sewer or storm water line needs cleaning. A Hydro jetter effectively blasts high-pressure water through a specifically designed nozzle into the drain; the nozzle works its way along the drain pipes, dislodging whatever is causing the blocked sewer or storm water line.

Hydro Jetter In Drain

Hydro jetter or electric cable eel - which is the more practical solution for blocked sewers?

The other drain cleaning equipment that plumbers often use to remove blockages from drains is an electric cable eel (also known as a snake or auger). Perhaps more common, the electric eel is a steel cable or rod with a cutter attached to the end that will rotate through the drain and cut through the blockage as it is fed further into the drainage pipes.

With the option of both, King Plumbing prefers to use a water jetter - because, in the majority of situations, it does a more thorough job. It is a cleaner form of drain cleaning - and can gain access quickly through a vent or toilet pan without damage. It is also more effective against fat build-ups and completely flushes out all material causing the blockage. Further, a Hydro jetter is as effective 60 meters down the drain as it is at the first entry point. On the other hand, the electric eel will not remove the blockage debris and will become increasingly less effective the further down the cables have to go.

A Hydro Jetting Machine

Electric Cable Drain Cleaning Eel

It is essential to understand that only what is currently blocking the drain will be cleared when using a Hydro Jet drain cleaner or electric cable reel. When blockages have formed due to tree roots that have broken into the sewer or storm water drain in search of water (the most common cause of blocked earthenware drains), a CCTV camera inspection can determine the exact location and extent of the tree root infestation.

Tree root damage of sewer and storm water lines can be avoided by not planting trees near drainage lines - located from your internal plumbing fixtures to the border of your property.

Your plumber can determine the right tool – electric eel or water jetters – to unblock the drains. Blocked drains are best left to fully licensed plumbers. Get in touch with King Plumbing for a reliable and quick service to your clogged pipes issue. Call us today on 0413 586 724 or complete our online contact 


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