How Drain Cameras are Helping Homeowners

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When your drains are running slowly, and you're not sure they are blocked, there is a way to see inside your pipes to find out if there is a problem. A professional drain cleaning plumber can easily do it without having to dig up drains or pulling out plumbing fixtures by using a drain camera. A plumber who specialises in drain cleaning will carry a drain camera in his work truck.  A drain camera will give an accurate indication of the condition of a pipeline. Drain cameras can go into drainage systems from beginning to end and detect the source of a blocked drain. Furthermore, there are also other benefits of using a drain camera to inspect your drains!

 1: Quick diagnosis means they are cost-effective:

Before drain video cameras, a plumber would find blockages by:

  • Hoping the homeowner had a copy of the as installed drawings
  • Unblocking the pipe and trying to guess where the drainage rods hit the blockage
  • Digging up the affected area, hoping to find the pipe. 

Diagnosing the cause of a blockage before the invention of drain camera technology had the potential to be a slow process, and potentially very costly and time-consuming. With the ability to use cameras in drains, a plumber is now able to inspect plumbing pipes without having excavate ground or dismantle plumbing fixtures. Quicker diagnosis and a more cost-effective outcome is the result.

 2: Fixing and repairing blocked drains quickly:

When a drain is blocked, a homes plumbing fixtures are out of order, and unable to be used. A home without working plumbing is an urgent issue. A drain video camera has a high-resolution camera with LED lights which illuminate the inside of the drain. A flexible cable attached to the camera head transmits HD footage to a monitor. The cable and camera head inserts into the pipe. The camera will give the plumber a video of the blockage or damaged section of pipe, taking the guesswork out of diagnosing the drain problem. Resulting in, a quicker and thorough job of getting a drain working again and making sure the blockage has been completely removed and done correctly.  Using video drain cameras, a professional drain cleaning plumber and their customer can see with their own eyes what is exactly causing their blocked drain. Making what needs to be done, easy to determine.

 3: No excavation means no mess:

In most cases, a drain blockage is under the ground in a homes garden. As a result, a plumber has to dig up sections of a front yard looking for a blocked pipe. Luckily, drain cameras will minimise the amount of digging required. Cameras have a locator attached and will tell a plumber the location of a blockage or damaged pipe. As a result, when the time comes to expose a section of pipe, the plumber can excavate the exact spot.

Drain cameras are an expensive tool for a plumber to have. So, when a homeowner is looking for a drain problem to be solved, they should always make sure their plumber has a camera in the tool kit. A plumber who specialises in blocked drains is almost sure to have a drain camera, so they know the job has been done correctly.

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