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King Plumbing has a few pages that may be of interest to our customers and partners. Listed below are our page links . They include links to plumbing information and tips, products we support.

1. Bellerive-Tas-plumber

2. blocked drain Hobart

3. blocked-bath-shower-drain

4. blocked-sink-drain

5. blocked-storm-water

6. blog what is hydro jetting

7. blog--are-tree-roots-giving-you-drain-problems

8. blog-homeowners-guide-to-unblocking-drains-

9. blog-how-to-stop-a-toilet-from-blocking

10. blog-my-bathroom-sink-basin-is-blocked

11. blog-preventative-drain-cleaning

12. blog-what-is-hydro-jetting

13. boiling-water-drain-damage

14. cheaper-drain-cleaning

15. contact form

16. drain cleaning Hobart

17. drain-cleaning-equipment

18. Eastern-Shore-Hobart-plumber

19. emergency-plumber-Hobart

20. Glenorchy-Moonah-Tas-plumber

21. helpful plumbing links

22. Hobart-plumber

23. how-drain-cameras-are-helping-homeowners

24. Howrah-Plumber

25. Hydro Jetting

26. Lindisfarne-plumber

27. my-sewer-drain-is-blocked

28. Plumbing Blog

29. plumbing contractor Hobart

30. sewer drain camera

31. where-is-my-drain-inspection-opening

32. who is responsible for a blocked drain

33. why does my toilet bowl fill up

34. Blocked Toilet

35. Clogged Drain

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We know that when your plumbing breaks, you need it fixed straight away. Whether it's blocked sewer drains, toilets or storm-water drains; blocked kitchen sink drains, blocked bathroom drains; or other blocked drain plumbing emergency. We've got you covered.
Call King Plumbing now on 0413 586 724 and we'll get your pipes fixed.
Registered plumber license: 1085604

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King Plumbing covers an extensive area across the Hobart region. Including but not limited to; the Eastern Shore, Howrah and Rokeby and Warrane to Lindisfarne and Risdon Vale. Western Shore, Newtown and North Hobart to Newtown and Lutana, Lenah Valley, Moonah, Glenorchy, Montrose. No matter where you are, we'll fix your plumbing.

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