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King Plumbing Experts in Blocked Drain Cleaning and Blockage Removal.

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Why Call Us:
  • We find and fix problems that general plumbers can’t
  • Blocked drains and sewers cleared fast
  • Tree roots and other blockages removed
  • Over 30 years experience clearing  drains
  • We are registered plumbers trained in drain cleaning
  • No call out fee
  • Rates are all-inclusive, open and honest

 With King Plumbing , we are customer-satisfaction focused. Our experienced drain cleaning service can  restore function to your drain pipes and plumbing. We can also thoroughly assess your drains to recommend any additional drain solutions that may be needed in the future. Our complete and professional service can help with any drain cleaning or blockage problem in the Glenorchy, Moonah and Northern Suburbs area you may have, and guarantee that it will be dealt with by plumbers who are fully equipped with the right equipment.

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Causes of Drain Blockages:            

  Slow drains and blockages have many different causes. In some instances, the problem is a small foreign object that gets stuck in the drain pipe. Often, slow running drains are caused by debris built-up in the pipes such as tree roots over  many years. Gradually, this build-up gets worse and the pipes become completely Blocked.

 Licensed, Tasmanian government accredited and fully insured.

 If you are experiencing problems in Glenorchy, Moonah and the Northern Suburbs with your drains, contact King  Plumbing at 0413 586 724 to schedule an appointment today!

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King Plumbing Can Help With:

Prevention of Drain Problems: 

Whether you are having slow running drains and blockages or want to prevent issues happening in the future. King plumbing services can help . We have seen all types of blockages in Glenorchy, Moonah and the Northern Suburbs area and provide services to eliminate blocked drains and recommend treatments to prevent them from happening in the future.

Preventative blocked drain Treatment: 

Although we are experts at drain cleaning, it’s always better to prevent drain problems from happening  in the first place. Blockages are more than just an inconvenience, they can actually cause damage to drains. We offer drain solutions to keep your drains flowing freely and avoid future blockages that can damage your drains.

  • Run the hot water down the sink drain after use.
  • keep food scraps out of the drain
  • Use a drain filter in shower drains to keep hair and soap from blocking the drain and pipes. 
  •  Do not put wipes and non biodegradable products down your Drains.

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