Drain Cleaning Equipment

Drain Cleaning Equipment

Drain Jetter:

A drain hydro Jetter is a  machine that uses water at  high pressure to clean inside your blocked pipes, It cuts through whatever is causing the blockage usually tree roots. Most Jetters runs at 5000psi which is perfect for clearing blocked drains. The Water Jetter is much faster at clearing  blockages. The average time to clear a blockage is usually around 1 hour. The Water Jetter scrubs the inside of your pipes only using water, clearing tree roots so well that you can no longer see them.  It also cleans the walls of the pipe washing away old waste, debris, fats, oils  that have built up on the pipe walls over time. The Water Jetter can travel long distances and maintains its pressure right to the end of the drain which is long enough to clear the worst of blockages.

Hydro jetter

Toilet Auger :

toilet auger, also known as a  toilet snake , is a tool that can find its way through the waste of the toilet to remove blockages. The toilet auger is constructed of a long flexible shaft, usually made from metal that has an auger bit at one end and a turning handle at the other. Toilet auger's are designed  to remove the blockage or obstruction that is blocking the drain in the toilet.   You push the toilet auger cable through the toilet drain, turning the handle in a clockwise position. When it stops, push the cable forward. If you feel the toilet auger grab onto something or it clears the blockage in toilet drain, gently turn and pull the cable out of the toilet drain. We do not use force when using the auger as this can cause the porcelain in the toilet to break. Once removed from the toilet,  we use a plunger to ensure that the blockage is completely cleared. When we feel that the blockage is removed from the toilet drain, you're free to use the toilet.     

toilet auger


The most common plunger  is the cup plunger. This is a much better plunger for sinks and tubs than it is for toilets. For your toilets, we recommend the flange-style plunger or a common string mops. Make sure the plunger has a suction cup large enough to fit around the drain plug. Fill up the sink, tub, or blocked fixture with enough water to cover the top of the plunger’s suction cup. We can also coat the rim around the plunger’s cup with petroleum jelly to help create a tighter seal. We also make sure we cover all other drains and outlets with wet rags or plugs. We then put a plunger over the drain  so no air is trapped underneath the cup. With two hands, we  pump up and down without breaking the seal. Pump up and down around 15 times.


Electric Drain Cable Machines:

Electric Cable Drain Cleaning Machines: Electric Drain cleaning machines with rods and cables are motorized machines that use a large, metal rod to clean and clear your blocked sewer and stormwater drains. They're commonly used on drainage  pipes 100mm in diameter. The cables or rods  have a cutting tip that's designed to cut and auger through blockages. The King Plumbing expert  feeds the cable down the drain as the motor turns the cable, creating a drilling action that  cuts and breaks up drain blockages. These drain clean machines work well, but smaller cables may not be strong enough to cut through tougher blockages such as large tree roots.

Electric Drain Eel

Drain Cameras:

Cameras: Specially designed Drain cameras  can be  pushed into your drainage pipes  so the  plumber can see the condition of your sewer and stormwater pipes and the location of the blockage. Cameras make finding plumbing problems a lot easier. If the camera finds a broken or damaged drain or a major blockage, there's is proof as to what the problem is.  Unfortunately, they are ineffective in dirty water where visibility is limited.

Drain Camera


Locators are electronic sonde transmitters that send out a signal where the drainage  problem can be located. When a blockage  or broken pipe is suspected, the plumber puts the transmitter on the end of the camera cable and puts it into the sewer or stormwater pipe. King Plumbing uses a location device to pick up the signals from the sonde transmitter, which guides him exactly where  to find the problem.

drain locator

Chemical Drain Cleaners:

Sometimes we use acid drain cleaner, usually when a sink auger can not be inserted into the drain, it is an industrial strength product so you must use it with caution! It’s easy to use, extremely effective and it’s able to unclog your drain within a matter of seconds. Usually used for smaller pipe size blockages like sink, basin and shower wastes where grease and hair have blocked up the pipes.

Sink Auger:

A sink auger  is a small hand held version of a sewer auger.  It  has an electric motor usually a drill that spins the cable and an assortment of  cutter heads for various types of blockages through the waste pipe. Usually used inside the house on the plumbing fixtures like basins, tubs, baths, showers and sinks. These machines aren't powerful enough to clear difficult sewer drain blockages outside, like tree roots.

Ridgid drill snake

Gully Grabber:

Helps us protect ourselves from those objects that have collected and you just can't see at the bottom of the overflow relief gully.
It removes dangerous blockages safely and quickly.
It has a shaft of upto 2.1 metres long
Sometimes what you might think is a badly blocked drain, may just be some rubbish at the bottom of the gully.

gully grabber

Kinetic Water Ram:

The Water Ram uses a burst of compressed air that drives a shock wave through the water in the drain pipe to clear the blockage.It is useful when the stoppage is on the downstream side of the trap, the shock wave can travel through the drain pipe without losing its pressure.
The Ram has a pump and a gauge, so you can hit the blockage with just the right amount of pressure. You get instant clearing of the blockage with no build-up of pressure in the plumbing pipes. The force is transmitted through the water in the plumbing pipes, so it’s not affected by loss of pressure through the stacks or vents.

kinetic water ram

RoPump Super Plus Professional Force Pump Cleaner:

Professional suction force pump drain cleaner:
A tool for the removal of blockages in basins, bowls, tubs and toilets, etc., using water pressure.The pump using manual force is simple, with its ergonomic formed components. The energy is transmitted by pulling and pushing the flexible, adjustable handle. The pump features a fully sealed system and gives the highest suction and pressure power possible, with the silicon sealing head attachment and single-cast main body it is easy to use on most blockages.

Drain Cleaning Pump