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King Plumbing Drain Cleaning service has long been Hobarts most experienced blocked drain plumbers. With over 30 years of servicing Hobart's unique drainage infrastructure, we are the only call you need to make for fast, effective service. Call one of Hobart's best-clogged drain plumbers now.

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Hydro Jetting Drain Clog Experts!

The two trusted methods of clearing clogged drains and sewer blockages are rodding cable equipment or high-pressure jet cleaning.

Traditional rodding cable equipment, like an electric drain snake, has become a thing of the past. Although this method of clearing clogged drains is effective, it can not fully clean your pipes, leaving substantial amounts of tree root or sludge in your lines, and will damage your drains if used often.

Clogged Toilet Bends:

The S trap pan, the section behind your toilet, designed to prevent sewer gases from entering a building, can be susceptible to blockages. A plunger may be all you need to push a clog out of the bend and into the drain.

When your toilet blockage is in the strap of the pan, call King Plumbing to inspect your toilet and remove the blockage.

High-Pressure Jetter Drain Cleaning:

King Plumbing's high-pressure water jetting technology will clean drains and clear blockages much more effectively than cable machines.

Jetting Machines use high-pressure water at 5000psi to blast drain blockages to pieces while at the same time scrubbing the pipe walls, cutting out tree roots, flushing away grease and fat deposits that over some time have built up inside drainage pipes.

An electric rod cable cannot reach where a jetter hose can travel more efficiently and effectively. We have various jetter nozzles available to pull around toilet pan wastes and tight PVC gully traps.

What Types Of Blocked Drains Does King Plumbing Clear?

Whether it's a kitchen sink or the bathroom basin, toilet or laundry, even septic or storm-water, King Plumbing has the right equipment to unblock, remove clogs, clean, clear or repair your drain. Whatever the drainage situation with your smelly or clogged drain! Let our plumbing services diagnose the problem and cure your clogged pipe for good.

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We fix Blocked Basins, Clogged Pipes and More!

Why Drains Become Clogged:

There are several reasons why drains become blocked! The kitchen pipes can become clogged with oil, grease, detergents, and food. In the bathroom, drains can be clogged with soap and hair.

 Your drains outside can be blocked with roots, silt, and debris or flooded after a big rainstorm.

When sewer drain is blocked, the pipes are likely blocked by tree roots entering old cracked earthenware clay pipes. Earthenware drains when the earth moves; renovations, new home builds, excavation works, or heavy traffic can become damaged drains. It's unfortunate, but it can quite easily happen.

Shower Drains Unclogged!

If your shower is clogged, we can safely remove the blockage using our latest blockage tools, which blasts away stubborn blockages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the 11 most frequently asked drain cleaning questions:

How Do I Know If My Shower Is Clogged?

When your shower is draining slowly, you often find that water pools in the shower tray after you've turned off the shower mixer; this is usually a sign that your shower drain is clogged or a clog is developing. An unpleasant odour rising from your drain is a further sign of a clogged drain caused by the debris blocking the inner walls. A severe drain clog may even result in overflowing drains flooding bathrooms, causing severe damage.

How Does King Plumbing Remove Drain Blockages?

king Plumbing has the latest modern drain cleaning tools to solve toilet, kitchen, bathroom or storm-water blockages. We'll use a Hydro-Jetter (high-pressure water) to thoroughly clean and remove blockages within the drain.

Fully Licensed & Insured

If you have a clogged drain causing an overflowing gully, we have the tools and know-how to find the problem and clear it out quickly.

Clogged Pipe Tree Root Blockages Removed!

How Can I Prevent Kitchen Drain Clogs?

Blocked drains in the kitchen occur when people aren't responsible for what they pour into the sink, like oils, fats, and food scraps. Never tip cooking oil and fat down the sink drain, and put food scraps in a compost bin when possible.

Do I Have a Sewer Blockage?

There are ominous signs of a blocked sewer. For example, there might be a foul odour coming from your drains, gurgling in the toilet pan, or unpleasant greywater overflowing from the gully drain outside. The shower, bath, sink, or toilet become slow to drain away.

Call King Plumbing to come to check it out straight away when you notice any of these signs.

Tree Root Clogs Fixed

If your drains have a tree root problem, it's time to get your drains cleared. If a root can get to a loose joint or crack in a pipe, it will continue to grow!

Clogged Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Services!

My Toilet Keeps Running?

A running toilet causing a drain blockage is a general question – and the answer is "it could". There is a more likely chance the inlet valve in the cistern isn't shutting off because it's faulty. It could need replacing.

Do You Offer Drain Cleaning For Businesses?

We offer drain cleaning for homes and businesses alike. Whenever there's a blocked drain or plumbing problem, we're available to help.

Will You Need To Dig Up My Backyard For a Blocked Drain?

King Plumbing make drain cleaning as minimal as possible. We do not dig up the front or backyards to clear a drain blockage; however, excavation to get your plumbing back in working order if the drain is damaged or has collapsed is required.

We'll be upfront and transparent when additional work is required and provide a free quote before starting.

Clogged Bathroom Drain Blockages Removed!

Should I Unblock A Drain Myself?

While you can remove a blockage yourself, government legislation makes it illegal for anyone other than a licensed plumber allowed to work on sewer drainage systems. We recommend getting a professional to clear blocked drains to cover you from fines and liability. A homeowner can use Chemical products that pour into a drain, but they're often noneffective at removing tree root penetration.

How Quick Can You Unblock a Drain?

It all depends on the severity of the problem. However, with experience and modern equipment, we have a fast turnaround for most drains– when there's a blocked drain in Hobart, we clear it ASAP.

What Are The Warning Signs Of A Blocked Drain?

If you have a gurgling or glugging sound coming from the shower, bath, basin, or toilet, there's a chance a blockage is beginning to form. If the water takes a long time to drain away, the toilet bowl takes a long time to empty, and the water in the bowl rises, the drain has a blockage.

If The gully outside overflows while using the washing machine, there's also a chance there's a blockage. When you are experiencing any of these issues, King Plumbing and we'll help diagnose the problem.

Bathroom Drains Unblocked

Blocked Bathroom drains pose a significant risk. If you're worried about a slow draining basin, get in touch with us today!

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King Plumbing covers an extensive area across the Hobart region. Including but not limited to; the Eastern Shore, Howrah, Bellerive, and Rokeby and Warrane to Lindisfarne and Risdon Vale. Western Shore, Newtown and North Hobart to Battery Point and Lutana, Lenah Valley, Moonah, Glenorchy, Montrose. No matter where you are, we'll fix your plumbing.