boiling water damage

Boiling Water Drain Damage

Damaged Drain From Boiling Water

Boiling Water Drain Damage

Can Boiling water damage PVC pipes in your drainage system?

If you have hot water to get rid of it seems like tipping down your sink or other plumbing drains is the natural way to go. But this easy disposal may lead to severe consequences for your plumbing pipes when constructed with UPVC piping. If you have been having continuous problems with blockages and slow running drains a melted or deformed drain piping caused by boiling water damaging your pipes may be the issue.
Understanding the Heat restrictions of UPVC plumbing pipes:
UPVC drainage pipes commonly used in domestic installations have a maximum recommended temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. This refers to sustained exposure. Boiling water will pass through UPVC pipes too quickly to melt it, and the wastewater will promptly cool to a safe temperature. But, if the water gets slowed down by a flat section of a drain or a partial blockage, it can be in contact with the waste long enough to cause the pipe to expand and melt. Besides causing the pipe to deform, this can lead to pipe leaks and the restriction of water flow, making the potential for blockages and failures much higher.

How to Avoid Heat Damage to UPVC plumbing pipes:

Naturally, the easiest way to stop your drains from this hot water damage is never to pour boiling water down the drain. Running cold water from a tap when pouring hot water down a drain will reduce the chance of damage to UPVC drainage pipes. It's also important to maintain drainage pipes so they are free from blockages and any other scenarios that will slow the flow of water through the drains. Regular drain maintenance from a professional drain cleaning plumber can help guarantee that pipes will flow as intended.
If you think you may have damaged drains from extreme temperature exposure, You will need an experienced plumber to identify the issue safely before a damaging leak or a costly damage repair is necessary to your plumbing system. 




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