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What is Hydro Jetting:

Hydro jetter
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Hydro Jetting drain cleaning machines are a relatively new improved idea that is extremely effective in cleaning out a blocked drain. 

Before hydro jetting, a cable Machine was the tool used by drain cleaning plumbers. A plumber would use a cable machine to propel steel rods or otherwise know as a snake into your drain. The cable machine has proved to be, at times, not able to efficiently remove blockages. One of the reasons blockages return within a short period, the root causing the blocked drain is not entirely removed. In time the build-up process begins, and you end up with the same problem again. Sewer jetting or also known as hydro jetting has become quickly, the most popular method of cleaning the internal walls of a pipe, and removing blockages from drain lines. 

When Grease and sludge have accumulated in your sewer lines, and tree roots have infiltrated into your drain pipes, the quickest, and the first choice for experienced drain cleaning plumbers will be to use a hydro-jetter. The hydro Jetter is a drain-cleaning machine usually mounted on a truck or trailer that is powered by an internal combustion engine. The tool will pressurize water up to 5000 psi into a hose with a nozzle attached designed for the specific task. Some conventional nozzles are the root ranger, designed to cut out roots in the pipe system: the grease ball, a nozzle designed to break-up and remove grease from a drain pipe. 

When the "grease ball" the selected nozzle moves through the drain, it slowly breaks down the blockage, so then it can safely wash into the sewer system. Commercial kitchens need to have a hydro jetter clean their drainage system every six months to prevent any interruptions caused by grease blockages. When a drain blockage occurs due to tree root infiltration; it is usually because of pipes made from clay with rubber ring joints. The rubber rings deteriorate over time, leaving space for tree roots to grow into the drain. As the tree roots grow into the pipe, cracks appear, the joints become unaligned, creating offsets and creating areas for potential blockages. As with grease blockages, roots need to be flushed out under the force of hydro jetting. Depending on the severity of the obstruction, a camera inspection should be made to determine if the section of the tree root-infested drain needs replacing. Some drains with tree root blockages may be manageable and not need replacing. Pipes that have become unaligned will cause sewage to build at the edge created by the offset. When wastewater collects and can not be flushed out by the natural flow, the plumber must locate the offset with a camera and a transmitter, excavate the drain and correct or replace the section of pipe.

Tree root infestation and grease build up in drains have become easier to prevent and remove due to the use of high-pressure water used for drain cleaning, produced by a hydro Jetter, a must for eliminating and preventing drainage problems.