Preventative Drain Cleaning:

Preventative drain cleaning
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Drain blockages happen, and it seems it always happens when the house is full of people. We get a blocked drain and usually have no warning and no idea why it happened. Well, you shouldn't feel too bad, it's a common reaction for homeowners first experience with an overflowing drain.

A house drain system should never stop working and always be able to remove waste and water away from the home's property. With this in mind, drainage pipes, in busy homes, receive a lot of work and punishment over a year. Hair, soap, kitchen grease and oil; food scraps, human waste and dirty Water, they all go down your drain: And this can accumulate if the pipelines are not clear and flowing freely and cause a blockage.

With all this in mind, there are a few Dos and Dont's for maintaining a free-flowing drainage system. Following these practices will keep your drains from getting blocked, keeping your drainage system in working order for years to come. First Up The Do.

1. Use a filter on sink drains.

Filters are easily the cheapest and most effective way to keep food scraps and foreign matter from entering your drains. Using this simple technique will keep your pipes running freely, and reduce the likely hood of ever having food scraps block up your kitchen sink. If pipes are kept clean, you may never have to deal with the situation of ever having to unblock them. Filters are easily purchased from hardware stores and are place in the outlet of the sink or tub below the plug. When used, dump the waste or hair collected at the filter into the rubbish bin, a simple and cost-effective preventive drain cleaning trick.

2. Keep your garbage disposal working by using regularly.

A sink with a garbage disposal installed will benefit from being turned on at least once a day; This prevents waste from hardening and also rust and corrosion from forming.

3. Have a plumber Jett out your sewer lines.

Old clay pipes with tree root infiltration and cast iron pipes with rust scaling will need a thorough cleaning to stop the recurrence of a blocked drain. Jetting your old pipelines, will not only remove blockages but will give the pipe a deep cleaning. Hydro-jetting is a beneficial and long-lasting Drain cleaning solution.

Those points were the most important Do's when it comes to drain cleaning. But, there are some just as important Dont's. The following points avoid at all costs.

1. Don't pour chemical drain cleaners into your drains. 

Chemicals can damage your pipes and drain system. Old galvanised waste pipes will rust out and leak with chemical drain cleaners. It may work temporarily to unblock your drain, but It can cause some costly damage in the future. 

2. Don't pour grease and oil down the drain.

Tipping grease and oil down the plughole is a big don't. It may be a runny Liquid when you pour it down the sink, but It quickly goes hard and congeals onto the walls of the pipes. Grease and oil tipped into the drain is a guaranteed blockage.

3. Don't throw hard objects into the garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals are an excellent way to keep your drains clean. But be careful, do not insert bones, or any other hard object into the garbage disposal. They damage garbage disposals and also pipes.

Preventative drain cleaning tips; If you follow them, your drainage system should not cause you a problem for many years to come!

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