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Where Is My Sewer Inspection Opening:

One of the best ways to find the location of your sewer line cleanout access point or more commonly known as an "IO" is to look at the council drainage plan for the home. Sewer drainage lines will be shown on these plans, and can lead you to the cleanout point. These plans will be essential tools to help King Plumbing professionals avoid the lines when digging is required. Search in Likely Places.

Useful Plumbing Links:

Here are some useful plumbing links to articles and blogs that will be able to give you help and understanding of various plumbing issues.

How To Make Drain Cleaning Cheaper:


The main sewer line from the house is usually a 100mm diameter pipe that transfers the waste from every sink, toilet, and bathroom fixtures in your home. When it becomes blocked, every plumbing fixture in your home is affected. When calling a plumber or blocked drain specialist, an essential piece of information he will need....

How Drain Cameras Are Helping Home Owners:

A plumber who specialises in drain cleaning will carry a drain camera in his work truck.
A drain camera will give an accurate indication of the condition of a pipeline.
Drain cameras can go into drainage systems from beginning to end and detect the source of a blocked drain...

My Bathroom Sink Basin Is Blocked:

A bathroom basin or sometimes called a sink can be and usually is blocked up by Hair and Soap Scum.
Many a plumber has had a call from a customer with a slow draining bathroom sink...

Preventative Drain Cleaning:

A house drain system should never stop working and always be able to remove waste and water away from the home's property. With this in mind, drainage pipes, in busy homes, receive a lot of work and punishment over a year. Hair, soap, kitchen grease and oil; food scraps, human waste and dirty Water, they all go down your drain: And this can accumulate if the pipelines are not clear and flowing freely and cause a blockage...

How To Stop A Toilet From Blocking:

A Blocked toilet is an annoying experience. A toilet that is blocked can overflow into your bathroom and threaten to flow into adjoining rooms. And coupled with a horrible stench, it will make you hold your nose and dry reech; not precisely what you want...

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting drain cleaning machines are a relatively new improved idea that is extremely effective in cleaning out a blocked drain.

Are Tree Roots Giving You Drain Problems?

In Hobart Tasmania, there is nothing more annoying for homeowners than a blocked-up drain. Even worse, if you have multiple blocked drains; for the owner of the house, what does this mean?...

Homeowners Guide To Unblocking Drains:

Every person who lives in a house with plumbing has the potential of experiencing a blocked drain. The first sign of a blocked drain brings a state of panic followed by reaching out to the first available plumber. If you can not get hold of a plumber to come and fix the blocked drain...

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