How To Stop A Toilet From Blocking

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Blocked Toilet
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Blocked Toilets:

A Blocked toilet is an annoying experience. A toilet that is blocked can overflow into your bathroom and threaten to flow into adjoining rooms. And coupled with a horrible stench, it will make you hold your nose and dry reech; not precisely what you want when you're trying to go about your daily business. All in all, the toilet is the most used fixture in your home; a blocked toilet will ruin your day.

What Will Cause a Blocked Toilet?

Being aware of possible causes that will block a toilet is knowledge convenient to have. To be able to use preventive measures will undoubtedly help prevent future problems occurring. Here are the most common causes of why a toilet will become blocked.

Baby Wipes and Hand Wipes:

Baby wipes or hand wipes, or any other item that is not toilet paper, no matter what the label on the product says, should not be flushed down the toilet. They quickly start to snag and build-up inside the sewer pipes. Diapers and sanitary pads should be disposed of in the garbage and never down the toilet, down the toilet a guarenteed instant blockage. 

Foreign Objects:

If there are small children in your house, sooner or later a foreign object will find its way into your toilet. A little plastic toy, flushed down into your sewer drains, more than likely will end up causing a blockage.


Hair, not a common culprit, but at times can be a cause of a blocked toilet. Accumulation of hair can very much harm your toilet. It will get tangled with the waste flushed down the toilet, snag the toilet paper, hook onto the ruff edges of a pipe and cause a blockage.

Water supply to House Being Hard ( high mineral content):

Hard water deposits in a homes water supply can also be a cause of a blocked toilet. Hard water causes calcium to build up on pipe walls resulting in the narrowing of the pipe and creating surfaces that will catch waste and toilet paper, causing blockages. Water that is determined hard comes from an area with high mineral content.

Blockages in other Drain Lines:

Sometimes, the blockage affecting the toilet is not at the toilet itself. Now and again, a blockage in other wastewater drains will affect the entire drainage system. If the blockage is at the start of the homes drainage system, It will back up and flood the whole house, which will affect and result in a blocked toilet.

Older Pipes:

Old and damaged Clay pipes and rusted cast iron pipes can also create blocked drains. The first signs of a pipe that has begun to fail are gurgling; slow to drain away; and a foul odour. Slow draining toilets, as well as other drains in your home, are a sign of a bigger problem.

A blocked toilet is an annoying issue to have. Left and ignored, it causes expensive damage to your home. A blocked toilet or other blocked fixtures in your home can be a warning to more significant problems, such as a piping system that has deteriorated and began to fail. While sometimes a plunger is all you might need to get rid of a blockage, there are times when a blocked drain is a lot harder to unblock. In that case, you will need a specialised plumber in drain cleaning with a range of specialised tools and techniques that only a trained professional will have. That is why calling an expert plumber is your best bet in clearing a toilet blockage. 

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