Homeowners Guide To Unblocking Drains

Unblocking A Sink With A Plunger

Common Basin Hair Blockage

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Every person who lives in a house with plumbing has the potential of experiencing a blocked drain. The first sign of a blocked drain brings a state of panic followed by reaching out to the first available plumber. If you can not get hold of a plumber to come and fix the blocked drain; there are many ways to clear a blocked drain yourself and learning how can be a valuable lesson. You can learn to get rid of drainage problems by learning some simple steps that will make your life easy. To some people, some of the simple steps seem to be common sense, but some people will still have no idea what to do. So to learn a few helpful steps to unblock a drain use the following steps:

The Wire From A Coat Hangar:

An easy do-it-yourself step and can be surprisingly effective. Take a regular wire coat hanger and straighten. Then bend an end to make a small hook. Push the bent end of the coat hanger into the drain and start removing debris, usually soap scum and hair. When you have pulled out all the debri, run hot water and flush way remaining gunk. The results will be a drain flowing freely once again.

Homemade Drain Cleaning Liquid:

The formula for a drain cleaning solution used for a slow running drain; you use one-third cup of baking soda with the one-third of vinegar and mix in a container. The results will be a bubbling potion, once tipped down the drain it will help dissolve hair gunk and many other foreign matters. Once the waste seems to be clear, run the hot water into the pipe and test.

Using a Wet Vacum Cleaner:

If you have a wet vacuum available in your home, it can become a useful tool for clearing a blocked drain. First, you must create a seal with the vacuum's nozzle over the drains outlet. Then, the vacuum must be at the highest setting to get the power to remove the debris, blocking the pipe and retrieve them into the vacuums storage container. It will work most of the time, but if your blockage is too severe can be a task too hard.

Boiling water:

Boiling water is the least complicated method for unblocking a waste pipe. You boil a kettle and then pour the water down the drain. Pour the water slowly and at least two or three times, allow the hot water to work for several minutes in between each stage. Boiling water is usually the quickest and the easiest way to clear a blocked drain.


Before panicking and calling for a plumber, it may be worthwhile and cost effective to try the above methods. But if all else fails, then you must call King Plumbing a professional, experienced blocked drain plumber. We use specialized tools and equipment to clear any blockages from drains. Trying the methods in this article may help resolve a blocked drain problem to some extent but always contact a professional if the problems persist as they may be causing costly damage to your drains.