Are Tree Roots Giving You Drain Problems

Tree roots in drains

In Hobart Tasmania, there is nothing more annoying for homeowners than a blocked-up drain. Even worse, if you have multiple blocked drains; for the owner of the house, what does this mean?

Well, many blocked pipes entail there’s an issue with your sewer line: a massive blockage.

When a sewer drain blocks-up it is usually not detected until it begins to overflow. Why, because house drains often are underground. It’s buried to create fall in the pipe, and not to intrude on the facade of the home, but this makes underground drainage systems suspect to issues —like tree root infiltration! How much damage can tree roots do?

 Sewer pipes seem hard and impenetrable, and generally, seem pretty sturdy. But, if your sewer line is an old clay or concrete pipe, or PVC pipe joints that have been incorrectly glued or sealed, then they will be in danger of tree root intrusion. Commonly, old leaking cracked clay pipes or otherwise known as earthenware are the most prone to tree root infestation.

The issue is, when tree roots have found their way into the pipeline and begin to grow, they begin to cause damage. First, the crack or joint that the tree root has grown its way into the drain will open up further, causing sewage to leak into the ground around the pipe. You will begin to notice soggy ground and green grass around the newly fertilized affected area, and a pungent smell wafting around your yard. The second issue, drain blockages, when tree roots grow into the drainage pipes they will begin to stop water and waste from travelling through the pipes, causing a small partial or complete major blockage of your sewer drainage system.

Methods to stop a tree root infiltration:

The most effective and common way to prevent a tree root drain infestation is to stop it from happening in the first place. An experienced drain cleaning plumber, with all the right tools and equipment, will locate the sewer line so the suspect trees can be removed and replanted a safe distance away. Before planting any new trees into your garden, ask your landscape supply store whether the roots of the selected garden plant are more likely to cause damage to sewer and plumbing lines than other available plants for sale.

If you are uncertain of how bad the condition of your sewer line, a video camera pipe inspection will investigate, any damage or deterioration seen will help you make an educated course of action to take, like replacing and repairing your drains.

What to do when the tree roots have blocked up your drains:

Experienced drain cleaning plumbers will have the right tools to help. Usually, a hydro jetter will be used to cut out the tree roots, and then clean the wall of the pipes and wash it away. Unfortunately, when the tree roots have damaged your drains, further repairs at some point in time will be needed.

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