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Toilet Drains Unblocked!

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Hyrdo-jetting has become the prefered service for drain cleaning plumbers and is offered by most plumbing professionals. Even home and business owners may be familiar with the name; they may not be familiar with the many advantages of hydro-jetting. During the hydro-jetting process, pressurised water is pushed through your drains to remove and break up hard to move blockages, like grease, silt and foreign objects. Hydro-jetting can even push through hard to remove tree roots.

How Does Hydro-Jetting Work For Toilets?

Hydro jetting is a service that only a trained plumber can offer. Hydro jetting is specialised equipment and requires industry-specific knowledge for unblocking toilets. A Hydro-jetting drain clean service typically begins with a thorough inspection of the drain. The entry point closest to the toilet blockage is determined, and then the Hydro Jetter, with the water pressure as high as 5,000 psi, is pushed through your drains, cleaning your pipes and leaving nothing behind.

Is Your Toilet Bowl Connection Blocked?

In some cases, the drain connected to the toilet bowl can be the problem. Foreign objects, tree roots and incorrectly installed pipes are the most common culprits of a frequently blocking toilet. Calling King Plumbing to have your drain lines cleared is the solution. If you have Continuing problems, we can inspect your drain with a drain camera and clean or repair the sewer lines.

Clogged Toilet Bends:

The S trap pan, the section behind your toilet, designed to prevent sewer gases from entering a building, can be susceptible to blockages. A plunger may be all you need to push a clog out of the bend and into the drain.

When your toilet blockage is in the strap of the pan, call King Plumbing to inspect your toilet and remove the blockage.

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Are Flushable Wipes Blocking Your Toilet?

Flushing Wipes; believe it or not, baby wipes or any other types of wipes are not to be flushed. Anything used to wipe an infant's backside other than toilet paper should not go down the toilet, but unfortunately, it is a frequent cause of blocked toilets. Wipes are the number one cause of blockages in a toilet and can cause frequent blockages in your plumbing drains. Although manufacturers of baby wipes often have a logo stating they are flushable, they more often than not cause a significant backup, especially when a drain is beginning to block. Never flush any wipes, especially "flushable" wipes. Throw them in the trash instead.

Disposable wipes do not break down the way that toilet paper does.

Toilet paper breaks down within 24 hours of being flushed. As a result, toilet paper will not usually cause problems that result in a drain cleaning.

On the other hand, disposable wipes become a solid mass and act as a plug-in the drain, which in turn causes water to back up in plumbing pipes and can cause drains to overflow. 

Another way disposable wipes cause significant havoc for homeowners is when wipes become entangled in tree roots the infiltrate into old drainage pipes. These entanglements can cause drains to overflow and change a property into a smelly and dangerous-infested swamp of raw sewerage. 

When this happens, King Plumbing can come out and do a drain clean to fix the problem.

Clogged Toilet

If you have a clogged drain causing an overflowing toilet, we have the tools and know-how to find the problem and clear it out quickly.

Your Emergency Blocked Toilet Experts!

Accidentally Flushed a Foreign Object Down The Toilet?

Flushing Foreign Objects; Kids love to see if they can flush a toy down the toilet. The toilet, fascinating to toddlers and small children, is why toys and objects placed in the toilet bowl by children is the next common cause of a toilet backing up. Many items fit in the bowl but become lodged once they enter the s bend. Waste and toilet paper are the only things to go into a toilet, never rubbish, toys, or other items. Be sure to keep a close eye on young children and teach them to keep toys out of the toilet.

Your Cistern Tank Water Level May Be Too Low:

Modern low-level toilets are a great way to reduce the amount of water used to flush the toilet, keeping water bills minimum. However, these toilets cause problems because of low head water pressure. The closer and smaller the toilet cistern connected to the toilet bowl, the less force the water has to push solids out of the toilet bowl.
Being careful about how much toilet paper you use to flush at one time can help prevent toilet blockages, or you may upgrade your toilet with a higher level larger capacity toilet cistern.
King Plumbing will be able to advise you on whether your toilet is contributing to a clogged toilet.

Overflowing Toilets Unblocked

We can remove toilet blockages quickly and safely using the best latest drain cleaning tools when your drains are blocked.

Toilet Drains Unblocked!

Tree Roots Blocking Your Toilet?

Blockages, unfortunately, happen with tree root infiltration into drain lines. Older pipes with deteriorating rubber ring joints and cracks that lie outside of your home can be suspect and have an access point for tree roots to enter the lines and cause drain clogs resulting in slow draining or toilet backups in your home. Speaking with King Plumbing about an annual drain inspection program will help prevent you from being caught with a blocked Toilet. Older Pipework, Collapsing pipes can create drainage problems. Usually, the first sign is a gurgling, slow-moving toilet. Having your plumbing inspected by our drain camera will reveal if your pipes are damaged or in danger of failing.

Blocked Toilet Pan

Tree roots break into toilet drains to access nutrients and moisture; Causing blockages and costly repairs.

We fix Blocked Toilets, Clogged Pipes and More!

Soft Toilet Blockages:

Unblocking a toilet with a Plunger or pump.
When King Plumbing arrives to unblock Your toilet, plunging or using a suction pump is the first thing we try. Drain plungers are quick and easy to use and will quickly remove a soft toilet blockage.
Our drain plunger or suction pump is specifically designed to fit over the toilet drain, such as our ro-pump and flange plunger. A cup plunger designed for sink drains will not produce a good seal, making it harder to unblock the toilet.
We create enough suction and compression with our plungers to loosen the clog. We Keep plunging until the toilet bowl empties by itself. Flush the toilet to check that it is now flushing normally.

Hard Toilet Blockages:

If neither a plunger nor a ro-pump has unblocked the toilet, it could indicate that the main sewer drain is blocked. It's essential to call King Plumbing to have the blockage removed as quickly as possible. The longer you leave a backup, the worse it will get. In extreme cases, such as a tree root blockage, sewage can overflow from the toilet and fixtures and flood the home. King Plumbing will know exactly how to clear a hard toilet blockage; we carry a Hydro-Jetter, cable drain machines, various hand tools and a drain inspection camera. Don't hesitate to call us today!

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Drain Cleaning Experts:

No matter how tough the blockage, we can get it!

King Plumbing addresses your toilet problems as quickly as possible, meaning arriving at your door quickly for the most urgent issues. Our fast and quality service has helped us keep customers for life.

We have the qualifications, licenses, skills, and experience to take on all forms of residential plumbing work, including drain cleaning. We have also earned five-star reviews for our customer service. Choose King Plumbing, and you can take advantage of no call out fees, rates competitive if not cheaper than other drain cleaning plumbers and free quotes. These are just a few of the reasons why King Plumbing is the leader in Hobart drain cleaning.

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Toilet Drains

With our vast experience and equipped with the right drain cleaning tools for your toilet blockage, you can rely on us to successfully unblock your toilet!

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