Drains Quickly Unblocked:

- in pipe video camera available

blocked drains and sewers cleared fast

- tree roots and other blockages removed

- over 30 years experience clearing blocked drains

- licensed Tasmanian plumbers

- no call out fees

- rates are all-inclusive, open and honest

- bathroom blockages cleared fast

- blocked toilets cleared fast

- kitchen blockages cleared fast

Stormwater Drains Unblocked:

If you want to save money and you need stormwater drain cleaning with an electric eel or a hydro jet in any Hobart suburb call 0413 586 724 for quick and cost-effective help now.

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Why Call Us:

 With over 30 years of experience in Hobart drain cleaning,  we are professionally Tasmanian government-accredited plumbers and have sufficient experience in dealing with all plumbing emergencies like flooding or blocked stormwater drains. We have access to the most modern tools and cameras that can help us recognize the situation and get through the blockage with ease. Based on the nature of the blockage, we will use the hydro jetting system to flush the blockage with high-pressure water.

  • We will get  the job done fast. We have the equipment to tackle  any stormwater issues that come our way. Whether it is a simple drain clean to the hardest of blockages we get the job done fast. There are no delays.
  • Savings from 30 years Experience and knowledge. We do not waste your time. Our experience saves you money.
  • Tools to do the job efficiently and properly. Since we have cleared so many drains we have accumulated all of the necessary tools to complete the job properly and efficiently.
  • We take care of your house and drains. We tidy up after ourselves and we strive to ensure your home looks cleaner and better than it did before you called us.
  • You are not overcharged. Our efficiency means no wasted time. Therefore, you end up with better outcomes with lower costs.

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What Are Stormwater Drains:            

 Stormwater drains are drain pipes that are connected to the downpipes from the roof gutters, which then discharge water into the council main or curb in the street. The most common blockage is due to tree roots, dirt and silt lying in the drains. It’s a hard job to clear the drains yourself, so you’ll want to call a King Plumbing Hobart professional drain cleaning. When you do, we will use a high-pressure water Jetter drainage machine to remove and clean the blockage. A high water pressure drainage machine is the best drain cleaners and is perfect for this situation. They use high-pressure water to remove dirt, leaves, and silt from the stormwater pipes. Any other conventional methods just aren’t as suitable.

Call us at King Plumbing  at 0413-586-724  to book your drain clean today!

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Government-Accredited Plumbers:

 If your stormwater drain is blocked, you’ll be noticing water overflowing around the backyard. If it’s been some time  since it has rained and your drain is still blocked – We will thoroughly clean 

and check your household stormwater drains to ensure they’re working properly and disposing of rainwater.

It’s important to tackle this problem before it gets even further out of hand. It can cause a major inconvenience that needs to be dealt with immediately. Call on the assistance of a plumber as soon as you can. King Plumbing Hobart would be happy to lend a helping hand.

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We know that when your plumbing breaks, you need it fixed straight away. Whether it's blocked sewer drains, toilets or stormwater drains; blocked kitchen sink drains, blocked bathroom drains; or other blocked drain plumbing emergency. We've got you covered.
Call King Plumbing now on 0413 586 724 and we'll get your pipes fixed.
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Service Area:

King Plumbing covers an extensive area across the Hobart region. Including but not limited to; the Eastern Shore, Howrah and Rokeby and Warrane to Lindisfarne and Risdon Vale. Western Shore, Newtown and North Hobart to Newtown and Lutana, Lenah Valley, Moonah, Glenorchy, Montrose. No matter where you are, we'll fix your plumbing.

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