Why Use Us:

 Utilizing the industries best shower clearing equipment, we clear all Shower and Bathtub  blockages in less time, saving you money!

 As a small Hobart family business we can offer you a cheaper rate. We also charge No call out fee and you talk direct to a plumber when you call, making sure its a plumber you really 

If you should find yourself with

  • pooling water in the bottom of your shower
  • your bath water drains slower than usual
  • water comes out of your bathroom drains
  • you hear gurgling noises in your pipes when using other fixtures
T | 0413-586-724
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Opening hours: 7.30am - 6pm Monday - Friday

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Why Call Us:

Don't let a shower blockage become a crisis.

If your shower won't drain away quickly, you'll need to act fast before your shower or bath begins to overflow and flood.

We are drain clearing specialists so we can deal with your blocked shower or bath quickly and easily.

King Plumbing are  experienced drain cleaning plumbers in Hobart Tasmania that  are equipped with the right tools for the job including high pressure jetting equipment for the most persistent blockages and electric  mechanical cleaning for small Drains.

Using The Right Tools:

Maybe you do not have a plunger or sink auger.Or maybe you have a plunger and it’s just not working. You’ve plunged and plunged, but still no luck. Do not worry, King plumbing will quickly provide a solution for you.

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Experts on Hand:

 Fortunately, we are drain cleaning specialists in Hobart Tasmania. We have  a great deal of knowledge and experience in dealing with shower blockages. Call us at 0413-586-724, and we will head straight to your home and unclog your blocked shower.

  •  Free Quotes
  •  No hidden costs
  •  Tasmanian Accredited Plumber

 Fully Insured

 Clean and efficient

 Professional workmanship

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Why Bath, Shower Drains Block Up:

A blocked shower or bath can be caused by a lot of things, such as the sustained build-up of falling hairs, hair products and body soaps. This can soon become  inconvenient and disgusting when it prevents the shower water from draining away properly, so anyone in the shower soon ends up standing around in a pool of dirty drain water.

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