What is a Hydro Jetter?

Drain jetting is the use of  high-pressure water to clean the inside surfaces of sewer and stormwater pipes, It cleans scale, grease, tree roots and other materials that build up in your drainage pipes  over time. As opposed to using a cable machine tool to cut a hole through the blockage drain jetting achieves a far more thorough cleaning of the pipes.
 At King plumbing we have the experience and the knowledge to deliver the right water pressure for the problem at hand, which varies depending on the condition of the pipes. Our drain Jetter can pressurize the water up to a 5,000 psi, which is perfect to  clean all types of blockages from sewer and stormwater pipes around Hobart, Eastern Shore and the surrounding suburbs.
Drainage systems use gravity for waste water to get out of the house and into the local sewer main. The drain jetting machine moves upstream, working its way up through the system. As the water cleans the pipes, the blockage that's dislodged then is moved down the drain and out of the system.

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