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We are the Leading blocked drain plumber in Howrah, specialising in unblocking drains. With no call-out fees, free quotes and up-front fixed pricing. We will help you with all  blocked drains in Howrah.

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We offer the most affordable sewer and drain cleaning for residential homes in Howrah Tasmania. Drain and sewer cleaning Can have a ongoing effect that can prevent plumbing problems from arising in the future. Blockages can cause damage to  sections of your drains, which could lead to leaks, which could lead to flooding, which could lead to massive home repair bills. It is always very important to be proactive on maintenance of your drains, stormwater and sewer lines.

State of The Art Equipment:

Sewer drains are how your home’s wastewater in Howrah enter the sewer system. These drains can become blocked  due to tree roots, excess waste or the use of unapproved items in your plumbing drains such as paper towels, wipes and sanitary items. We use the latest state of the art drain cleaning equipment. High pressure water jetting  involves the use of high-pressure water to remove the items that are blocking your drains. Much like a pressure washer, the jets can break apart and wash away silt buildup, tree roots and other items that may be causing your drains to block.

Video Drain Camera Investigation & Locator Available!

Experienced Plumbers:

Our drain cleaning services will prevent annoying blocked drains from recurring in the near  future. Common areas where drain blockages occur include the bathroom and kitchen traps, main sewer drain, sharp pipe bends and direction changes in drain lines. Servicing Howrah It takes a licensed  experienced plumber to find the cause of the problem. We have worked all types and sizes of blocked drain plumbing jobs in the Howrah area and know where to look for the source of the blocked drain. Even if the backup goes all the way to the Taswater main , King Plumbing will find the problem and unblock the drain in the shortest time possible. We use a wide variety of drain cleaning tools, the latest equipment and proven plumbing solutions to keep your drains flowing free.   

Camera Inspection

We quickly identify plumbing issues and, most importantly, resolve any disasters involving your drain.

Clogged Toilets & All Drain Blockages Removed!

Helpful Tips:

Blocked  drains can be a very complicated and frustrating problem because they have an effect on your household plumbing fixtures, including your sinks, toilets, basins and showers. At first, it may be difficult to recognize that the problem is stemming from your main sewer drain line, which is the one reason that it's so important to hire a professional licensed plumber for any drain cleaning that you may need. At King Plumbing, we will help Howrah residents keep your main drain and sewer lines as clean, effective, and functional as possible.

  • Do not put wipes down drains

  • Do not put feminine hygiene products down drains

  • Do not use drain-unclog chemicals

  • Use periodic drain hydro jetting services to descale drainage pipes

  • Have a licensed plumber check the pipes

  • Do not dispose of chalk, paint or thickening material in house drains

  • Do not dispose of oil or grease in drainage pipes

Toilets Unblocked

When you face a clogged toilet, an experienced plumber will resolve your issue in no time.

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"Thanks so much King Plumbing for coming to the rescue so promptly for our tenants. I picked the right plumber for the job and was so pleased to see that you have the latest equipment for unblocking problematic pipes. We'll definitely be calling on you again when we have another plumbing emergency"

-Rosemary Giles


"Great job and very reasonably priced. Highly recommend"

-Louise Regola1


"Good prompt service even though my job wasn't urgent and reasonable prices"

-Peter Johnson


"Friendly. Prompt Service. Great job. Reasonable price. The toilet in my house was blocked. He helped to unblock the drainage system quickly" 

-Duy Le