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About King Plumbing:

  King Plumbing is your dedicated local government accredited, Hobart  plumber. Because we have specialised in blocked drains , we have the expertise and training to deal with any situation we are presented with when a drain overflows.  

   We have the latest drain cleaning  tools available for the biggest main sewer and storm water blocked drain emergency right down to a small blocked bathroom, kitchen or laundry drain  clean out. Don’t hesitate to call us now 

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Why Call Us:

 We’ll show up on time, find your drain problem, make a recommendation and give you the best solution based on your particular situation. We promise to take great care of your house and drains. we  are licensed Tasmanian plumbers trained in the work you need . If you’re experiencing a blocked toilet, slow drains, or any other issues that require a drain cleaning service in Hobart, call King Plumbing in Hobart today at 0413-586-724  to schedule your appointment. 

What We Will Use:

 We can clear all blocked drains throughout your property. We use a number of methods to clear blocked drains including a 5000 psi water jetter drain cleaning machine,  electric drain cable machines, chemical drain cleaning and plunging. For the more difficult blockages which are often caused by broken or dislodged pipes, foreign objects or tree roots, we can also use drain camera technology and a location device. Be assured we have all the right equipment to get the job done.  Learn More....

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Why It Happened:

 A blocked  drain can happen anywhere where you have water. Most of the problems tend to come from outside tree roots or the inside kitchen because food, grease and soap can combine to leave quite a bit of gunk in your drain pipes. After 20-30 years of collecting small amounts of gunk every day, eventually the opening in the pipe where all the water flows through can get pretty small. The same can happen in the bathroom drain which pick up a lot of hair, and also the laundry drains which can pick up a lot of fibre and lint. It’s usually years and years of collecting small amounts that gets these drains blocked. We’ll also help you with any drains on the outside of your house which collect tons of organic matter like leaves, dirt, tree roots, and even dead animals. No matter what your problem is,  King Plumbing  can come and unblock your drains and get the water flowing like they’re new.

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Roots love The Pipes:

 Trees and shrubs seek water anywhere they can find it during spring and the summer period, this is the time when they grow upto 30 times more than winter. One of their prime sources of food is our sewer drains. Roots only need a small crack to gain access into your drains. Once inside the drains, the roots can grow quickly, exerting enough growth to block, damage or collapse the sewer and drain pipes. Drain cleaning can provide an immediate fix, but is only effective inside the drain pipe. Just like cutting back a shrub or tree, the roots will come back bigger and stronger unless action is taken. At  King  Plumbing we can give you the permanent solution for these roots that will grow back into the drains.

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Call Us to Answer Your Questions:

  A blocked drain can quickly become a problem in your home . At King Plumbing Hobart we can answer your drain cleaning questions, from steps to help you avoid blockages, to what to do in the event of a major drain overflow. 

kitchen sinks:

 Over time, kitchen sink wastes can run more slowly and eventually block as greases, soaps, fats and detergents build up inside the drain. If you find yourself with a blocked kitchen drain, we will use a ridged k45 sink machine to cut through the blockage, remove the fat , and restore your blocked kitchen sink drain to full functionality. As a specialist in drain cleaning services and sewer cleaning, we have the experience to solve your kitchen drain issues.

Hobart Drain Cleaning
Bathroom Drains:

  From showers and baths blocked with hair and soap buildup to basins filled with toothpaste and other grime, bathroom drains present many challenges when it comes to keeping drains clear. Regardless of the problem, King  Plumbing has all the latest equipment necessary to address blocked bathroom drains and can provide expert drain cleaning services.

Laundry tub drains:

  In a busy household, a blocked laundry tub and washing machine can become a huge problem. Soap, hair, lint, dirt and even objects left in clothes pockets can contribute to blocked laundry drain. With the ridged k45 drain snake, it's possible to unblock a laundry tub. King Plumbing carry all the tools of the trade necessary to get your blocked laundry tub drain back in service again.

Floor Wastes:

 Floor wastes in bathrooms, laundries, garages and deck areas serve to keep excess water from flooding and causing damage. A professional plumber can identify the location of a floor drain blockage and provide the necessary, drain cleaning service to remove whatever is the cause of the blockage, we can also provide you with maintenance tips and advice to prevent future blockages and keep drains clear. With over 30 years in the plumbing business , King Plumbing is an expert in drain cleaning and can help solve your floor waste drain issues.

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Camera and Video Inspection:

  With difficult blockages a video inspection can be helpful to identify the cause of the problem. In the last few years, video inspection has become an invaluable tool when it comes to identifying and fixing plumbing drainage issues. Using fiber optic cable and a 512hz camera head, which are then pushed into your plumbing drains, we can see the condition of your drains, recognize cracks and breaks or identify damage caused by tree roots.  Learn More....

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